Hi there, my name is Carrie! Carrie headshot circle - 2019

I’ve been blogging and podcasting for 8+ years. For 7 of those years, I created and owned the website, carefulcents.com. In October 2018 I sold it for nearly 6 figures.

These days, I help my clients with project management for their online businesses. I have worked on many well-known teams and for lots of awesome clients!

I am well versed in SEO practices, Facebook ads marketing, email marketing, copywriting, project management software, bookkeeping, HR, affiliate marketing, and many other tasks related to hiring and building a virtual team.

My previous blog’s income was 100% from organic traffic and affiliate marketing. I was earning around $3,000 per month consistently from my blogging efforts before I sold it.

At the end of 2019 I acquired a new website and have big plans to monetize and grow it in 2020.

Learn more about me on my About page.

Carrie, you really are one of the best (if not the best) at productivity and systems, and I’m glad you’re doing what you love. You believe in systems so much that I believe in them now too, and I was always wishy-washy about them before. You make me believe! Cheesy but true. Since our coaching call, I’ve improved SO much and I’m so much less stressed. Thank you! — Melissa B., Entrepreneur


Creating content for your blog and social media channels takes up a ton of time. 

You don’t always have time to dedicate to in-depth keyword research and content outlining.

Let me help you take this off your plate! 

In just a few hours per month I can research and prepare content for the entire month.

I want to help your blog rank for high volume keywords and get blog posts on the 1st page of Google!

The answer to ALL of this is just a quick email away!

What does this keyword research & content outlining service include?

  1. Researching potential keyword topics using a premium SEO tool that costs $1,300 (included for free)
  2. Coming up with new content ideas for keywords you’re already ranking for
  3. Offering ideas for SEO upgrades for better organic search & SEO rankings
  4. Looking at top competitors and backlinks
  5. An entire month’s worth of content ideas, outlines, and keyword research 

Email me for a custom quote! But please know that my calendar fills up pretty quickly. 


You have an online business but you are looking to make more money. But you aren’t sure what the issues are.

  • What is holding your business back from better SEO traffic?
  • What can you do to optimize your site speed to load faster?
  • Why aren’t you earning more money from your products or services?

With clarity and a clear plan you can have the answers to your questions!

And this is where I come in. In just one audit I can pinpoint issues with your business and offer better ways to increase revenue.

I am a professional blog strategist with a keen eye for detail. And I don’t miss much.

The answer to ALL of your questions is just a quick audit away!

What does a blog & biz audit include?

  1. Use of a premium SEO tool that costs $1,300 (included for free)
  2. Looking at technical performance (site speed, URL structure, categories, navigation)
  3. Reviewing user experience, layout, and usability
  4. SEO upgrades for better organic search & SEO rankings
  5. Reviewing products, services, and sales funnels
  6. Testing affiliate links and conversions
  7. Looking at top competitors and backlinks
  8. An in-depth report and personalized video recording of your site and all of the recommendations

What is the turnaround time?

As soon as you book your Blog & Biz Audit you will be prompted to fill out a Typeform with your website’s information. Then, I can get started right away!

Once the form is filled out, I will reach out to you with any additional questions before I get started. I usually complete the site audit in 2-3 business days and deliver your report!

Book your audit by clicking the button below! Spots are filling up pretty quickly.



As a blog owner, you have built a successful business and need help keeping all of the moving parts going. That’s where I come in!

I have over 5 years experience with running and managing blogs and teams of people. (See the clients and past clients I have worked with below.)

What does a project manager do?

Primary tasks for this role include:

  • Setting up systems and updating processes to keep the business as efficient as possible
  • Regular budget check-ins and audits of the team’s work to ensure maximum productivity
  • Implementing content audits and strategies suggested from outside experts
  • Managing all aspects of the team to ensure everyone is doing their jobs and hitting deadlines
  • Hiring the best team members for your blog  (and sometimes letting go of certain team members)
  • Any other project management related work in order to keep your blog running smoothly

For project management work I charge on an hourly basis. For in-depth audits of your blog content I charge a one-time fee of $495.

Carrie helps keep us organized and on track for major projects and changes for the business. She fulfills the role of project manager very well and is amazing at it. The best thing about working with her is that she always reminds me when to do something when I forget so we can stay on track. I wish I had integrated her into our team sooner.  Working with Carrie is an amazing way to have less stress. She’s every bit as organized as I am disorganized. — Travis Hornsby, StudentLoanPlanner.com



Below is an abbreviated list of the companies and clients I have worked with in the past 8+ years. You can view my more extensive list and writing samples in my ClearVoice portfolio.

Editor & Project Manager

Writing & Blogging